Samsung OfficeServ7000 Systems

With an All-In-One Solution that manages your business communications effectively and economically, Samsung has the answers in its single, expandable platform: OfficeServ™7000 Series

With the power of the Samsung OfficeServ™7000 Series it can be used alone as a small telephone system or as part of a connected multi-site network among main offices, smaller branches, and remote workers; putting the power of convergence into the hands of today's growing business

So which OfficeServ™ solution fits your business?

If you a small business just getting it's feet off the ground with a small budget~we can help.

7030cabinetThe OS7030 may be just what you need for an office with 1 - 8 employees. With its built in Automated Attendant and bundled features it gives a small ways to be productive with or without voice mail and allow you to handle your calls with a big company feeling for a small budget.

As with all Samsung products you can use any of the series phones, wireless, CTI applications and link sites and remote workers.  Ask us for a quick quote to see if we can customize a solution at an affordable price.
See: Samsung OfficeServ at a Glance 

Are you a Small - Medium Business?

OfficeServ7100Samsung has the ability to fill the needs of businesses from Less than 20 users up to and including 400 in all different types of industries. With its scalable platforms a small business can invest their money into a small OS7100 and grow into the next platform based on expandablity. All the OfficeServ™ platforms have the same features built in for all stages of growth your business may see in the future.
See OS7000 Series Brochure

With the OfficeServ™ platforms, OS7100 & OS7200S, Samsung has made it easy to have in-house voice mail with Automated Attendant services embedded into their smaller systems and scaled for the small business. Included in these platforms are built in IP MGI ports which, once licensed, can provide the small business with any VoIP applications at a very low cost with no re-occuring charges.

N SMT-i5343 im-3

SMTi IP Series Telephones Brochure
SMTi IP6000 Series Telephone Video 
DS5000 Series Digital Telephone Brochure

OS7400 Cabinet

Linking multiple sites with anyone of the OfficeServ™ platforms has never been easier. A one time license on each site gives you the ability to have 4 digit dialing amoung offices, no long distance for offices that are not in the same calling area and the being able to share features such as voice mail from the main location keeps your hardware costs down.

Call Management Software

The latest software from Samsung gives you insight into your organization.  Understand how your employees are communicating with your clients and suppliers in real time.

Samsung CMS Brochure
Samsung CMS Overview YouTube

Samsung Xchange Software

This Samsung software will connect your telephone to your office computer, increasing efficiency and making staff more productive.
Samsung Xchange
Samsung Xchange Mobile

Samsung Xchange Full Solution YouTube