Just like with your wardrobe, accessories required!  Having the right tools for the job makes work easier, more efficient and more productive.

Conference Units

Tired of yelling into a speakerphone across the boardroom table to have an audio conference call?  Check out our line of Fully Duplex Conference phones.

Call Accounting Software

Call Accounting Software allows you to monitor and track how your employees are using time on the telephone.  This prevents losses in productivity, improves customer service and ultimately increases the bottom line.   With efficient use of Call Accounting software you can effectively control your costs for one of the greatest expenses in your organization-your employees’ time.

Overhead paging Systems

Using a high quality sound system we can provide you with the ability to reproduce music and voice over an easy to install overhead system where ever you may need it.  We can connect this system to your in house phone system or PA System.  This product is ideal in warehouse, retail or an environment where instant communications over a large area is required.

Music/Message On Hold

A smart business uses every opportunity they can to connect with their client.  A strategic message while your clients are on hold is one of these opportunities.