Existing Phone Systems

The to-do lists are long when organizing a relocation of an office. Let us relieve some of those moving pains. Businesses that are moving are normally expanding at the same time.

This is an ideal time to consider any changes you may need to make to your phone lines and telephone equipment during this time is best.

Since our consultations are always free, let us sit down with you and help you address your changes.

We provide consultations on wiring for telephone, computers, and internet to ensure your new premise is ready to communicate.

We can work with your current line provider to ensure the lines arrive on time and with the least amount of downtime! We can relocate your existing phone equipment, expand on it, or provide a totally new solution. We also have partnerships with our clients and vendors that provide you with other services that you may require to make your move happen without difficulty. Let us help!

We don’t only service late model telephone systems, we also service those older systems that just won’t quit!

Notices warning of discontinued and unsupported telephone systems are flooding the market. Does this have you wondering about the risks associated with your old telephone system?  There are many different products out there that have been effective in the marketplace for up to 20+ years. You might experience a hiccup every now and again but you can’t kill them!

Consider that comfy old pair of sneakers in your closet. They’ve been around a long time, they fit like a glove, but they’re no longer perfectly suited to every occasion. Still, you don’t throw them out.  It could be that older products meet your current needs and you have no additional requirements - so why change? And, if you do have needs that aren’t being met, you have options that don’t necessarily include installing a whole new system.

You may be concerned about:

  • Upgrade limitations

    There may very well be some limitations if you have an old system, but it doesn’t mean you need to invest in a whole new system to solve those problems. Some feature upgrades, like a voicemail system, Caller ID or VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), may be unavailable for your older gear. They aren’t unavailable to us - we can source equipment upgrades for your old phone system if the product has the functionality for these features.
  • Lack of equipment availability for repairs

    We have the industry connections to source equipment upgrades and parts for older phone systems.
  • No product support from the manufacturer

    We will support it for as long as you need it, if it’s a product that our technicians are knowledgeable about. We can offer a maintenance agreement or service your system on an as-needed basis. Please call to find out if your phone system is covered under our product lines.
If it’s not broke, don’t fix it. Don’t replace an old system with a new one just because you were scared into it.

We can help mitigate those risks by finding the right solution for your old telephone system. Our advice is free! If you’re uncertain about investing in a new telephone system, we’d welcome the chance to give you other options.

The value of a Maintenance Agreement

Ever stop to think about the warranty on the equipment you just purchased? Did you ask what the warranty terms are? Most people just assume there is a warranty until something happens.

On average the standard telephone equipment comes with a 1 year hardware warranty. Others, like our own Samsung switches, offer a 5 year hardware warranty. However, what happens to the labour related to fixing that in warranty equipment? Most hardware providers will cover the 1st year, but what about post warranty?

It's not just about an insurance any more. It's about getting continued support for both the hardware and software as well as labour rates and service response times acceptable to your business. Make sure if you invest in an extended Maintenance Agreement you are covering all your needs for the price. Some things to consider are:
  • Maintenance software upgrades
  • Service Response Times
  • Travel time
  • No trouble found calls
  • Labour only warranties
  • Discounts for extended terms
  • Discounts for other services
  • Annual equipment inspections
  • Remote phone support

24/7 service

Our commitment to our clients doesn't end at 5 o'clock.  We will provide the solution when  you have the problem - 24/7/365 a year.